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Alcohol Vs. Cannabis

Alcohol is often thought of as a positive addition, a way to lower inhibitions and have fun, or a way to relieve stress after a long day. It is often a focus at social gatherings, restaurants, and the first thing to reach for when you walk in the door in the evening. In reality, alcohol can be a dangerous and addictive substance, that actually has many different effects on consumers besides the fun and happy stereotype its known for. More people every day are discovering the positive impact cannabis can bring to their lives, their ability to de-stress, and their social functions. While we have come a long way in accepting and acknowledging what cannabis can bring to life, we still have a ways to go to break the stereotype cannabis consumption carries for many, and in widening the knowledge of how detrimental alcohol can truly be. 


Alcohol Vs. Cannabis

Alcohol-related death is the third leading PREVENTABLE cause of death annually in this country. Alcohol impairment is not always linked to happy and fun behavior. Often it is linked to aggression, violence, poor decision making, altered mood, and often leads to hangover symptoms after use.  Alcohol has been shown to cause organ damage and other long term health issues. Alcohol comes with many warnings and safety concerns. Alcohol addiction is a very real problem for so many and can negatively affect your ability to function, your health, your relationships, your career and your life in general.


It is virtually impossible to overdose or die directly from cannabis consumption. Marijuana affects consumers differently, however, the effects often range from drowsiness to excited, with little reports of aggression or violence. The different varieties of cannabis allow consumers to find marijuana products for all their needs, from relaxation and sleep assistance to higher productivity, creativity and focus. Many cannabis consumers report that marijuana has supported a variety of health conditions, emotional and social struggles. Many claim marijuana has brought positive improvements to their lives. 

The cannabis industry is changing and growing. People are learning that you have options for marijuana consumption that offer different THC levels to all but eliminate the “high” effect if you so choose. Many different varieties of strain options are available, which allows consumers to control what they are consuming cannabis for and what beneficial effects they may receive.

As cannabis consumption is becoming mainstream, the typical “stoner” stereotype is changing. Marijuana consumption is becoming more acceptable and the stigma is disappearing. A growing amount of productive, successful people are choosing cannabis over alcohol for medicinal and recreational reasons. It is safe to say that the stereotypes that used to be associated with marijuana use are changing and with good reason.