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Marijuana Concentrates

There are now so many ways to access your cannabis beyond just the traditional method of smoking it. Most dispensaries carry a variety of dosing options and are helpful in choosing which product might be best for your wants and needs. Cannabis concentrates are a particularly popular option for consumers who want something beyond smokeable flower. Fans of concentrates find that relief comes faster while needing to consume less than the more traditional methods of consumption. It is best to look for concentrates that are made in a trustworthy and experienced processing facility that utilizes clean and pure cannabis. 

ConcentratesMarijuana concentrates are potent and often targeted products made from a mix of the cannabinoids and terpene compounds found within cannabis. The cannabis extraction process removes undesirable chemicals, impurities, and plant waste, leaving behind pure cannabinoids and terpenes. This is processed further into a variety of concentrate products depending on which consistency is needed. From the brittle, glasslike shatters and diamonds to the pliable and soft waxes and butters, there are many options for your final concentrate product. Cannabis processing results in cleaner, purer, much more potent cannabis concentrate products. The beneficial effects are stronger and are felt faster while needing less product per dose.

Cannabis concentrates have quickly grown in popularity for a variety of reasons. Concentrates offer more control over your dose, your effects, and your type of product. Concentrates can be made from a variety of marijuana strains, which allows for the perfect controlled mix of terpenes, THC, CBD, and a variety of additional cannabis compounds. This allows maximum control over which effects each concentrate may provide, giving consumers maximum control over their dose and their level of relief. Concentrates offer a variety of terpene blends so they frequently offer a more pleasant aroma and taste compared to the traditional scent of marijuana. Concentrates can even be odorless if you prefer your consumption to be less noticeable to those around you or just prefer not to have an aroma.  

There is a marijuana concentrate option for every want and need and every level of experience. To decide what might be best for you, work with a knowledgeable caregiver and dispensary that utilizes a trustworthy and experienced processing facility for their concentrate products.