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Sleep and Cannabis

For hundreds of years, cannabis has been utilized for its relaxing effects, especially for assistance as a sleep aid. Many strains of marijuana provide relaxing, sedating, and calming effects. With trouble falling asleep and staying asleep being two very common complaints, its no surprise that medicinal cannabis is a popular natural support choice among so many with insomnia or sleep issues.


Sleep is an important biological function to keep our bodies and minds functioning and healthy. Lack of restorative sleep can cause mood disturbances, trouble concentrating, slower motor skills, and even has been linked to more serious health concerns and chronic illnesses. This makes finding a natural solution to your sleep troubles even more important for balanced wellness. Cannabis use has been linked to a more balanced endocannabinoid system-a naturally occurring body system necessary for homeostasis-and that balanced system can lead to healthier rhythms within your body and mind necessary for sleep.

Everyone is different and how your body reacts to the different compounds in marijuana strains can change from person to person-its best to work with a knowledgeable caregiver who will put time into guiding you through finding what product works best for you. Cannabis use with the right guidance to optimize the dosage, the administration method, the strains, and terpenes can be a wonderful way to address sleep issues and insomnia. 

CBD and THC-two of the highest occurring cannabinoids in cannabis, combined with the right terpene mix, can all work together in the right strains to bring healthier sleep to your life in a natural way. Cannabis use for sleep can increase the amount of time your brain spends in a deep sleep which is the most restorative sleep we can get for overall health and wellness. Additionally, many report better focus and clear-thinking with marijuana use which can help support you during the day while recovering from chronic sleep issues. 

There are a variety of medical cannabis administration methods available that can give you more control over your dosage. Many enjoy the ritual of smoking their medical marijuana and the ritual itself is a relaxing part of their bedtime routine. If you prefer not to smoke your cannabis, there are plenty of potent and fast-acting options to allow you to receive the benefits of marijuana regardless of how you choose to administer your medicine. Again, we recommend finding a professional and knowledgeable caregiver to help guide you to what will work best for your needs.