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All About Cannabis Dabs

With the wide array of marijuana options available now it can be easy to get overwhelmed when searching for the best product for your needs. The world of rolled flower, tinctures, and edibles has become much larger with new varieties of those products, along with even more options like tinctures, topicals, shatters, and more. There is a unique way to enjoy cannabis for every preference and need. One option you may not have heard — Dabs –is a potent product quickly gaining traction within the industry.



Dabs are a form of cannabis concentrate that you can smoke or vape that contain a much higher THC content than many other products. It is best to choose a high-quality concentrate from a reputable processing facility so you know you are getting a pure and clean product. Because the THC content of dabs is often much higher than you may be used to it is even more important to have guidance from an experienced caregiver for maximum experience without any unwanted negative side effects. 


There are many forms of dabs available. Shatter, is a thin glass-like amber or gold colored concentrate that breaks or “shatters” easily. Wax is crumbly and golden colored and resembles the consistency of brown sugar.  Budder is a light golden brown and is soft and pliable, with a dough-like consistency. Oil is usually vaped, with a dark gold or amber color and is thick with a syrup-like consistency. You will need the correct tools for dab consumption and can choose these based on the advice of your local cannabis dispensary on what might be best. Check out our affiliates here.


Most cannabis consumers feel a wonderful rush from dab consumption with an enjoyable high. They are able to feel the effects longer due to the concentrated form of the marijuana dab product. Dabs are growing in popularity but still tend to be a product choice of the more “experienced” cannabis consumer. This is largely due to a lack of information about marijuana dabs. Working with a trusted marijuana caregiver that will take the time to educate you on this potent product is a great way to find the confidence to move forward with giving dabs a try.