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Can You Contribute?

Are you involved in the Maine cannabis industry? Do you have thoughts and opinions on this growing and changing industry? Do you have advice and knowledge you would like to share? Would you like to be more connected, or learn more? Would you like to be more visible to consumers, or like-minded business owners?


Maine CannContributeabis Daily needs you!


What makes our state’s cannabis industry different than most is the same thing that makes our special state different than most. We truly are just one big community in Maine. Our state is family-focused and still believes in neighbors helping neighbors. When you combine this community-based culture with a growing and often integrative cannabis industry-you truly create the potential for a thriving and beneficial industry for our beloved state. 


Knowledge is power. The cannabis industry allows for constant growth and change. It is always possible to learn more and seek more knowledge. Maine Cannabis Daily wants to provide a platform for continued cannabis-related education and thought-sharing specific to the state of Maine and all that makes us unique. From business owners, caregivers, patients, to those merely beginning a cannabis journey-there is something we all can benefit from learning and something we all may be able to share to help others.

Let’s all work together to stay community focused and work together. Platforms like Maine Cannabis Daily can ensure we all stay informed and have a place to share knowledge, thoughts, ideas, opinions, and even concerns. If you have something to contribute we would love to share your thoughts here. Please share your blog or article with us today, so that we can make it visible to others. 


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