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Maine Cannabis Coalition

Maine citizens always deserve a voice about any and all of the rules and regulations in our state. Rules, regulations, and benefits from Maine’s cannabis industry is no different. Politicians, government, out of state influence, and corporations are quickly poising themselves to benefit from Maine’s rapidly growing marijuana industry. This will only take from the citizens of Maine reaping the benefits that we deserve from the industry we wanted for our state. 



The United Cannabis Coalition of Maine was formed for just that reason and wants to help give Maine citizens that voice. The Coalition is being formed by the real people of Maine for the real people of Maine and is always welcoming additional members and voices. “The United Cannabis Coalition of Maine will operate at the direction and vision of its members. Every member will have an equal say and influence.”


There are rapid changes coming for the medical, recreational, and adult-use cannabis programs in Maine and any and all who are a part of it from growers, to caregivers, to consumers. It can be difficult to ascertain the real information through all the noise. We have to be careful to maintain our control and our voice in this industry for the benefit of all who live, work, and build lives in this beautiful state. Our marijuana industry holds the same neighbors helping neighbors, mom and pop style small business values and friendliness that Maine is known for. We do not want our industry tainted by out of state opinions.


Here is a word from one of the members of the board for the coalition: “We are all watching the current over-regulation of cannabis in disbelief.  We have watched year by year as the out of state-owned dispensaries continue to use our government as a tool to destroy their biggest competitors…..the medical marijuana caregivers of Maine.  At 2,500+ strong we actually have way more public and political power than the dispensaries could ever accomplish with money. When we work together to properly organize and strategize our program and its future will be in our control.  Be part of shutting down the out of state corruption that is positioning to destroy small business opportunities and dismantle our medical program.” -Dawson Julia


If those involved in this industry work together and take a stand to maintain the control and say of decisions made for our state we can easily remain a strong force to contend with. The cannabis industry stands to benefit our state in such a wide variety of ways. We have to work together to be sure those benefits stay within the state. Maine is unique as a state and our cannabis industry is unique as well, let’s keep it that way.  “Let’s all work together for the good of our beloved state and take control of our medical program, along with hemp and adult use. This is our state, our industry, and we should have the say. We will work together in equality and harmony for the greater good of our medical marijuana industry and our state. Please Join Us!” 

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