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Marijuana Edibles

Edibles are a popular option for reaping the benefits of medical marijuana. Edibles are cannabis-infused products made for dosing via eating or drinking. The more popular they become, the more that new varieties of edibles are becoming available. Edibles can be CBD-infused, THC-infused or combination of both, along with other cannabis compounds. 

Edibles can be found in a variety of options-including candies, baked goods, sugar, drinks, chocolates, and more. 


There are three different categories of edibles based on the way your body absorbs them-either through the mouth, through the stomach or a combination of both. Edibles absorbed through the mouth, like tinctures and lollipops, enter the body via the lining of the mouth and effects kick in quickly. The effects of these types of edibles fade fairly quickly, within a few hours.

Edibles that are chewed before swallowing, like cookies and infused food, are absorbed into the body through the digestive tract. The digestion process delays the edible effects a little longer, but once they have taken effect they can last up to eight hours. 

Edibles that are absorbed both through the mouth and digestive system, like infused drinks or some candies, can provide the best of both worlds. The oral effects kick in quickly for fast relief, while the digestive effects last longer for sustained benefits. 


While initially exploring marijuana-infused edibles, it is best to consume the edible with a snack or meal, instead of on an empty stomach. Avoid mixing edibles with alcohol. Allow time for the effects of the edibles to kick in before you try adding a second dose. It can take several hours for the effects of edibles to be felt, and you do not want to accidentally over-indulge. Just like you would with any medicine, store edibles out of reach of children. The appearance of edibles can make them look enticing to a child and edibles are best consumed by adults with caregiver guidance. 


Cannabis-infused edibles can be a highly beneficial way to add cannabis into your wellness regimen. A wide range of marijuana consumers find edibles useful. Edibles can allow a level of control over your dosing and control over the timing of the effects. Different factors, including your personal chemistry and body make-up, can affect how your body will metabolize marijuana-infused edibles. Always read the packaging and dosing recommendations. Many edibles come in more than one serving per product. It is best to start low and slow and regularly evaluate how you are feeling. Rely on a trusted caregiver for guidance and adjust your dosing as needed to find the perfect marijuana-infused edible for you and your needs.