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Marijuana in Maine Facts

Is marijuana legal in the State of Maine?

Both medicinal and recreational marijuana is legal in the State of Maine.


Where do I go to purchase marijuana in Maine?

There are many registered caregivers in Maine that you can currently purchase medical cannabis from. Currently, recreational dispensaries are not yet open in Maine, but medical dispensaries are open and available for medicinal marijuana purchases. Recreational marijuana will be legal for purchase once recreational dispensaries are open. 


How can I find dispensaries, shops, and caregivers near me?

Visit our affiliate’s cannabis directory HERE for assistance in exploring the options available near you for medical and recreational marijuana access. 


Can I grow my own marijuana?

Legally adults in Maine 21 years or older can grow no more than 3 mature marijuana plants. These plants must be tagged and grown on a private residence. These plants can be cultivated at their own residence or another adult’s property with the adult property owner’s permission.


Are there laws about how much marijuana I can have?

Adults that are 21 years of and older may legally possess 2.5 ounces or less of marijuana. 


Are there laws about how much marijuana concentrate I can have?

Adults that are 21 years and older may legally possess no more than 5 grams of marijuana concentrate.


How much marijuana can I purchase at a time?

Maine’s recreational law allows adults 21 years and older to purchase up to 2.5 ounces from a dispensary, shop, or caregiver.


When will recreational cannabis dispensaries be open?

Currently, recreational regulations are in place, but it is up to Maine to move forward with implementation. Recreational dispensaries will likely be open in the Spring of 2020.


Do I still need a certain condition or disease to get a medical marijuana card?

Medical cannabis is available for purchase in the State of Maine with a medical marijuana patient card. It is no longer necessary to have a specific condition or disease to qualify. At this time as long as a licensed doctor believes medical marijuana will be beneficial for a patient then a patient can register. 


What can I do with a medical cannabis card?

A medical marijuana cardholder/patient is legally allowed to grow their own marijuana, or make purchases from a registered caregiver, and registered marijuana dispensaries.


Am I allowed to smoke marijuana in public?

Regardless of legal consumption in Maine, it is still illegal to consume cannabis in public places. Marijuana must be consumed on private property. The public consumption offense is punishable by a fine. 


Can I share my cannabis?

In the State of Maine adults that are 21 years and older can give 2.5 ounces or less of marijuana to another adult that is 21 years and older. There can be no payment made or accepted for this transfer of product. 


Can I bring my marijuana with me out of state?

The exportation of cannabis is illegal in the State of Maine. You cannot travel across state lines with marijuana. This offense can result in jail time.