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Federal Decriminalization of Cannabis Headed For A Vote

It has been a long time coming 

It is truly heartening that we live in a world where cannabis is not only legal for medical use, but it is providing medical benefits for people that, in years past, were never known or explored. Medical marijuana has genuinely made a lot of strides in its journey towards legalization. Caregivers and dispensaries have been taking the fight to their local communities advocating for the decriminalization of marijuana on a federal level. In the state of Maine, cannabis is legal for recreational use (not sale) and medicinal use. Medical patients starting at the age of 18 can purchase marijuana as long as they have a Maine medical marijuana card. 

In 2020, we are finally at the point where legislators are deciding to vote for the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana on a federal level. The vote for decriminalization is in October of this year, and the outcome remains unknown. By legalizing marijuana on the national level and decriminalizing cannabis as a scheduled drug, individuals who have been incarcerated for cannabis use now may be able to live free and productive lives away from their charges. If the vote goes in favor of the legalization, people’s criminal backgrounds will be alleviated due to these new policies. 


Pro’s and no more con’s 

As of right now, Maine people can grow six marijuana plants per individual (of legal age) per household. There are no traditional smoking areas out in public, as that is still restricted. However, cannabis does not warrant a criminal conviction as long as growers and patients follow specific Maine state guidelines.  With the vote going to decriminalize cannabis federally, marijuana enthusiasts all over the country will no longer have the loom of authorities waiting to strip them of their freedoms and options for growing alternative forms of medicine. 

With October fast approaching, it is exciting to see how the legalization on a federal level will affect Maine people and caregivers and dispensaries. When California first started to offer medical marijuana dispensaries, federal authorities often would seize and close down these marijuana dispensaries. Cultivators and people passionate about alternative medicine were left with their products taken and charges pressed against them due to their passion for holistic medicine.  If marijuana is legalized on a federal level, caregivers and dispensaries can take a deep sigh of relief knowing that investments, businesses, products, and customers are safe. 


The future of cannabis 

For cannabis cultivators that run dispensaries, medical marijuana enthusiasts, currently legal states like Maine, and patients can benefit from the legalization of cannabis on the federal level.  It is unclear as of right now exactly what that is going to look like, but it does give people peace of mind to know that they can enjoy their cannabis without the risk of jail time, fines, and a criminal record that could haunt them for many years. 

Along with the vote to decriminalize cannabis on the federal level, Maine faces the full legalization of recreational use of cannabis. As exciting and appealing as this maybe it does have an impact on local caregiver storefronts and dispensaries. With the legalization of recreational marijuana use, only people 21 and over would be allowed to use marijuana. This law change may hinder Maine medical marijuana patients from 18 to 21, which is a broad demographic for patients who benefit from medical marijuana. 

It’s exciting to live in a world where marijuana is not only legal but is found to be medically beneficial. Now we are seeing less and less criminal action taken for cannabis use across the country as marijuana is legal for medical help and recreational use in some states. The restrictions and ominous feeling that the federal government could close down and arrest patients and caregivers could be something of the past very soon. As October gets closer and the vote for the decriminalization of marijuana on a federal level is examined, the future of cannabis is looking brighter than ever.