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The Wonderful World of Marijuana Edibles

A deeper look

Cannabis edibles have certainly come a long way over the last 10 to 15 years. I can remember hearing people talk about “magic brownies“  and wondering what they could be talking about in my teen years. As I became an adult and realized how marijuana helped me, I learned more about these magic brownies. It turns out; you can take cannabis and mix it with butter. This kind of blew my mind, I thought to myself. “How could this be possible?” Not only is it possible, but these days people are making just about anything you could imagine and infusing it with medical cannabis. From TV shows to recipe books, cannabis is revolutionizing the way we look at consuming marijuana. Long forgotten are the days of your only option being baking brownies or cookies at home for an edible option. Nowadays, there are gummy’s, candies, and even brands of ground coffee. I’ve seen different flavors of honey and other baked goods developed from medical cannabis. 

When I first got my Maine medical marijuana card, I remember looking through the menu at my local caregiver store-front and seeing an edible chocolate bar. After a brief conversation with the caregiver behind the counter, he informed me about taking it slow when it comes to edibles because they can be a bit stronger than the regular smoking flower. Little did I know, but when you eat cannabis instead of smoking, it changes how it connects to the Endocannabinoid system in our brains. Decarboxylation takes the chemical component THCA and turns it into THC. Since the change affects our minds slightly enough, it gives off a bit more intense feeling. However, CBD edibles have zero psychoactive side effects, which a lot of people enjoy as well. THC and CBD edibles are widely available at caregivers’ storefronts and dispensaries in Maine. 

Since my journey into alternative medications such as medical cannabis, I’ve discovered so many amazing products that have helped me immensely. I’d like to share a recipe that I use for making medical cannabis butter. This butter can be used in anything that requires butter as an ingredient. You can use cannabis butter to enhance and achieve your wellness goals in all sorts of edible options or use it to grease your pans; it’s totally up to you and your unique preferences. 



The first thing you want to do when making medical cannabis butter is to take the trim from your harvested plants or even the buds themselves for a more potent batch and place them in the oven at a low temp. This process is known as decarboxylation; it allows THCA (a chemical component of raw cannabis) to become THC, which creates the “high” feeling most associate with using marijuana. The strength of the butter depends highly on the strain used. Some have higher THC contents, and some strains have higher CBD content and lower THC. Experimenting with different strains can give a better understanding of how it will affect you upon consumption. Here are the ingredients you’ll need.

  1. 4 Sticks Unsalted Butter

  2. 20 Grams Decarbed Weed

  3. 4 Cups Water 

First, you want to melt the four sticks of butter in the crockpot slowly. Once the butter is fully melted, add 20 grams of decarbed cannabis and 4 cups of water. Let it sit in the crockpot to cook for 6 – 10 hours on low heat. Once it’s ready, strain the remaining fluid, separated from the butter, and refrigerate. This is a fast and fun, easy way to make cannabis butter that can be enjoyed with all sorts of different recipes. From cookies to brownies, or even glazed over warm toast in the morning.  Believe it or not, you can even use it as a substitute for cream in coffee. 


The best thing about cannabis edibles is the versatility!

There is a wide range of options available for every preference. You are bound to find a recipe that’s right for you and your unique tastes, or a product ready to go at your local Maine dispensary or caregiver storefront. I encourage you to experiment and have fun with this cannabis butter recipe or any other edible cannabis products. If you have questions or want guidance, a local caregiver is a great option. Enjoy the process of discovering cannabis edibles!