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Why Obtain A Medical Marijuana Certification in a Recreational State?

Like many cannabis friendly states, Maine has passed a bill to move the marijuana industry to a recreational model.

While this may be a big win for those who do not qualify for a Maine Medical Marijuana Certification, there are a number of reasons why it is recommended to continue to renew your medical certification if you qualify for the program. Both for your personal benefits and the economy of Maine’s small business programs, there is a wide range of positive impacts that stem from remaining part of the MMMP (Maine Medical Marijuana Program).

Until recreational passed, cannabis consumers in Maine paid to obtain a MMMP certification in order to legally and medicinally partake in the plant. Maine marijuana stores have always been either titled either dispensaries or caregiver storefronts, keeping tight and worthy regulations on the quality of the medicine and associated products. Maine’s original dispensary owners and caregivers have helped the MMMP become the state’s top economic agriculture program, just surpassing lobster this past year.

So, if weed in Maine is legal for recreation—why obtain a MMMP certification?importance of med card

For starters, you will be privy to much cheaper prices under a medical program for the same or better quality cannabis product. The Maine medical program has maintained a consistent price point on average to provide affordable, quality medicine to patients. Additionally, medical patients legally have higher possession and purchase limits, along with the ability to cultivate more plants at a time than strictly recreational cannabis users. The ability to buy and grow more weed in Maine is a huge benefit of maintaining your status in the MMMP.

Studies show that cannabis is effective in relieving the symptoms of many health conditions, ranging from epilepsy to cancer. As we all know, these health issues do not discriminate against age–and neither do the benefits of medical cannabis. Under the medical program, with the referral of a health provider, patients under legal recreational age are able to utilize the amazing health benefits of the cannabis plant in safe and healthy ways. In addition, medical only cannabis dispensaries and caregiver storefronts often have unique and highly effective strains of cannabis products to treat these symptoms that are not available at recreational shops.

If you are someone who digs into the THC and CBD potency of your cannabis products, then you probably know quite a bit about the benefits of Maine medical marijuana. What you may not be aware of is, on average, medical-grade, lab-tested products are stronger than recreational products in terms of medicinal benefit and potency. The regulations around testing for medical shops are held to a much higher standard than medical grade.

To wrap up the benefits of becoming and remaining a member of the MMMP, you qualify for stronger legal protection under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act when you are a covered member of the Maine Medical Marijuana Program. Adversely, when you are strictly a recreational patient, you are subject to your cannabis usage information being publicly filed into a consumer information system which is not protected under the HIPAA laws. To top it off, your protection when traveling with cannabis out-of-state is heightened by several states when medically insured for medical marijuana use in at least one state. For a list of which states are currently safe to travel with cannabis when medically certified, you can find one here.

If you are interested in learning more about the laws and regulations of Maine’s Medical Marijuana Program, you can check out the official website here. If you are interested in signing up to become a Maine Medical Marijuana patient, you can apply online at a number of places! Check out and apply through our partnership with one of Maine’s finest and most reputable Medical Marijuana prescribing doctors here. For a comprehensive list of symptoms that medical marijuana can help with, check it out here.